Watt Energy 4 in 1 Ampere Volt Meter Color Display 100A


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Energy Meter – Wiring Diagram

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  • It Can Measure : Voltage, Current, Wattage , Energy
  • Memory of KWH (Unit Consumed) remains in the Memory
  • Measure Voltage: 0-300v AC, Measure Current: 100A AC
  • Colored Display (Each Reading Has Different Color)
  • Current Coil Connection


7 in stock

This product is used to display current in Amperes , Ac Voltage, Wattage and  Energy consumption of the device connected on it’s output. Energy show the number of units of the device’s electricity consumption which can also be reset using the reset switch on the device.

Voltage:  80-300V AC

Ampere : 0-100A Watt Power Energy Meter 3000W 

Product Included:

1 x Energy meter Color Display

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