Infrared Remote Control Module + Receiving Head HX1838


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Out of stock

Product Details:

  • Sensor using HX1838, high sensitivity
  • Working voltage 5V
  • Output: digital output

Module interface description:

1 – VCC external 3.3V-5V voltage (can be directly connected with the 5V MCU and 3.3V chip)
2 – GND external GND
3 – IN external microcontroller I/O port, I/O port has been designed with 10K pull-up resistor.

Theoretical test suite from 5-8 meters, but the surrounding environmental factors depends on when you use the actual application and intermediate barrier (e.g. diaphragm, glass, hinder the barrier or other materials), receiving head using HX1838, with a power indicator light, can receive the 38K frequency of any remote control coding data.


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