Product Features: 
  • Support ASK / OOK modulation, transmit power is greater than 11dBm;
  • Operating frequency: 433.92 MHz;
  • Mains input voltage range: 2.0V-3.6V;
  • Low-power consumption shutdown mode current is less than 1uA;
  • Transfer rate up to 20KHz;
  • Launch distance :20-100 meters
  • Size: 16* 12 * 1mm
  • External antenna: 25cm ordinary multi-core or single-core line
  • Temperature range: -45-85 °C
  • Wireless power switch, socket, remote control switch, receiver module,
  • Access control, electric cars, motorcycles, automobile anti-theft products, remote door openers, closers control system
  • Security, surveillance systems, home security products, electric doors, alarm host, alarm
  • Rooms controls, shutter doors, windows, remote control socket, remote control LED, remote audio remote control electric doors, garage Door remote control, remote control retractable doors, remote rolling gates, sliding door
  • Smart home products, remote control curtains, remote MP3, audio.
[Receiver module ] Product Model: RX500
RX500 : superheterodyne wireless receiver module is receiving UHF ASK demodulators support ASK and OOK modulation. The receiver module has high sensitivity (-108dBm),
Low-power performance, along with high dynamic range (greater than 60dB). Module uses highly integrated chip, built front-end low-noise amplifier,Mixers, filters, frequency synthesizer circuit, etc., can maximize the signal optimization.
Package Included:
1 x Transmitter module :WL102-341
1 x Superheterodyne Receiver module(RX500)
2 x Antenna