Rotary Encoder with Push Switch


This rotary encoder knob can be rotated unlimited times. It has a flat sided shaft and has a built-in push button under the shaft.


  • Flat top
  • Push-button capability
  • Pulses per rotation: 20
  • Unlimited Rotations
  • Pins are right-angle to the knob, but you can connect them to a breadboard using male-female jumper wires
  • Standard pin spacing: 2.54mm (0.1″)
  • Dimensions (exluding pins): 26.2mm (1.03″) length x 18.5mm (0.73″) width x 28.5mm (1.12″) height
  • Total Shaft Dimensions: 20mm (0.79″) height x 6mm (0.24″) diameter
  • Turning Portion of Shaft Dimensions: 12.5mm (0.49″) height x 6mm (0.24″) diameter
  • Weight: 6.43g (0.23oz)

Product Included:

  • 1 x Rotary Encoder Knob Module
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