XL4016 8A 200W DC-DC Step Down Buck Convrter Power Supply Module PWM Adjustable 4-40V To 1.25-36V Step-Down Board


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Out of stock


1. 100% brand new and high quality.

2. Continuous adjustable output voltage, minimum output current up to 8A.

3. This voltage regulator integrates many protection modules including over current protection, over temperature protection and short circuit protection.

4. Long-term working current is recommended within 5A.

5. The circuit board is made with high quality electronic components, stable and reliable.


Voltage regulation method: PWM modulation

Input voltage: DC4-40V

Output voltage: DC1.25-36V

output current: 8A

output power: 200W

Conversion efficiency: 94%

Switching frequency: 180kHz

Size: 61*41*27mm / 2.4*1.6*1.0in

Package weight: Approx. 49g/1.7oz

Package List:

1 x XL4016 8A 200W DC-DC Step Down Buck Converter