XL4016 PWM Adjustable Step-Down Board Power Supply Module Max 8A 200W DC-DC Step Down Buck Converter 4-36V To 1.25-36V


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The voltage regulator has excellent linearity regulation and load regulation
With multiple protection: over-current protection, over-temperature protection and short circuit protection, etc


Wide Application:

Car audio, radio, navigator, monitor, LED car display, air conditioner,  motors etc



Product name: DC voltage regulator
Voltage regulating mode: PWM modulation
Input voltage: DC 4-38V
Output voltage: DC 1.25-36V
Maximum current: 8A(please add fan and make current less than 5A for a long term use)
Maximum power: 200W
Conversion efficiency: 95%
Switching frequency: 180KHz
Working Temperature: -45~+85°
Size: 6×3.7cm/2.36×1.46inch



  • Please make sure there is a 2V voltage difference between input voltage and output voltage
  • The maximum output current can reach 8A; For long time working please make sure the current is less than 5A.
  • This is not a step up module, but a step down module

Package Included:

1 x XL4016 PWM Adjustable Step-Down Board without Knob